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SmartBe Wealth Launches Four Index Tracking ETFs on NEO Exchange

Toronto | February 9, 2021 – NEO is pleased to welcome SmartBe Wealth Inc. (“SmartBe”) back to the NEO Exchange, with the launch of four concentrated factor funds. The four new funds began trading today under the symbols NEO:SBQV, NEO:SBCV, NEO:SBQM, and NEO:SBCM.

The SmartBe U.S. Quantitative Value Index ETF (SBQV) invests in the 50 highest quality US publicly traded value stocks, while the SmartBe Canadian Quantitative Value Index ETF (SBCV) invests in the 20 highest quality Canadian publicly traded value stocks. The “value” investment style behind these two funds emphasizes investing in securities that are considered undervalued, based on quantitative analysis compared to other securities.

The SmartBe U.S. Quantitative Momentum Index ETF (SBQM) seeks to identify the 50 highest quality US publicly traded momentum stocks, and the SmartBe Canadian Quantitative Momentum Index ETF (SBCM) invests in the 20 highest quality Canadian publicly traded momentum stocks. The “momentum” style of investing underpinning these two funds emphasizes investing in securities with higher recent total return performance than other securities.

 “We couldn’t be more excited to partner again with Alpha Architect, our index provider, in bringing these four concentrated factor funds to Canadians,” commented Rod Heard, Founder & CEO of SmartBe. “Value and momentum ETFs for Canada and the US will enable investors to customize their portfolios and access returns that are highly differentiated from their respective market indices. With so much evidence of the historical returns generated through long term exposure to the value and momentum factors, we feel strongly that there is a place for these funds in every Canadian’s equity portfolio.”

SmartBe is the third ETF manufacturer to list new products on NEO in 2021 (all of which are return issuers), with several other ETF launches expected in the coming months.

“NEO was a natural choice for SmartBe to list our four new ETFs,” continued Mr. Heard. “Innovation, fairness, and transparency are core values at both of our organizations and since we first listed with NEO in 2018, they have consistently exceeded our expectations in service, support, and in our overall partnership.”

Investors can trade shares of the SmartBe Value Index ETFs (SBQV and SBCV) and the SmartBe Momentum Index ETFs (SBQM and SBCM) through their usual investment channels, including discount brokerage platforms and full-service dealers. Click here for a complete view of all NEO-listed securities.

“During these uncertain times, more than ever, Canadian investors and advisors are turning towards experienced and knowledgeable asset managers to achieve their investment goals. SmartBe brings that expertise to the table, along with a strong track record of success,” noted Jos Schmitt, President and CEO of NEO. “These new listings by SmartBe on the NEO Exchange mark the coming together, once again, of two innovative and well-respected organizations. We are honoured to be the exchange of choice for SmartBe’s new line-up of value and momentum ETFs, and look forward to supporting their success in the years ahead.”

NEO consistently represents roughly 20% of all volume traded in Canadian ETFs and close to 15% of all trading in Canadian-listed companies.

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About SmartBe Wealth Inc.

SmartBe Wealth Inc. is a wealth management firm and the manager of exchange-traded funds. The company partners with international and academically published index providers to construct and deliver Canadian exchange-traded funds for widespread public distribution. SmartBe is dedicated to bringing new quantitative approaches to Canadian investors interested in affordable alternatives to sophisticated investment strategies.

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