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WD Numeric Enrolls in NEO’s Trusted Service Provider Program

NEO was pleased to ring the bell on Wednesday, June 2nd with our newest Trusted Service Provider, WD Numeric Corporate Services Inc. A Toronto-based company providing Canadian businesses with financial reporting, management, and accounting services, WD Numeric joins a curated collection of leading experts, across all verticals, who are committed to meeting the needs of capital-raising companies and are aligned with NEO’s commitment to providing exceptional client service.

Established in 2003, WD Numeric’s expertise covers a full portfolio of business and corporate services including bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, audit management, controllership, financial strategy, tax compliance, corporate maintenance, and governance/business advisory services.

WD Numeric offers NEO issuers access to the full suite of services provided by the WD Group of Companies – including legal and capital markets/corporate finance services – as well as external relationships such as factoring and group benefits partnerships.

“As CEO of WD Numeric, I am thrilled to announce our enrollment into NEO’s Trusted Service Provider Program. Our partners at WD Group of Companies have been part of the program for some time now and we are excited to join alongside them,” said Michael McKee, CEO of WD Numeric. “NEO’s platform is a valuable resource supporting both public and private companies in multiple areas of the capital markets. Their support of growth-focused companies and entrepreneurs is exactly in line with WD Numeric’s core philosophy and belief system. We look forward to working even closer with NEO and their ever-expanding network of issuers.”  

Launched in 2015, the NEO Exchange has earned a reputation as Canada’s innovative and disruptive Tier 1 stock exchange, bringing much-needed competition to the Canadian capital markets landscape. NEO consistently represents close to 15% of all volume traded in Canadian-listed securities and is home to over 130 unique listings, including public companies, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), and Closed-End Funds (CEFs). Real-time market data on all NEO-listed securities is available to all investors, at no cost.

“WD Numeric’s enrollment in our Trusted Service Provider program is ultimately a win for NEO-listed issuers,” commented Erik Sloane, Chief Revenue Officer at NEO. “It allows us to expand our top-tier value proposition by providing access to another vetted service provider that is committed to professional excellence. We share a long-standing and constructive relationship with the WD Group of Companies and have no hesitation in recommending their services in support of our corporate issuers.”

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To learn more about WD Numeric, check out or contact Michael McKee at For more information on NEO’s Trusted Service Provider Program, click here.