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We’re proud to list the following companies and investment products on NEO:

Painting a Brighter Picture

As with art, every new listing on the NEO Exchange is a bold statement of creation, and for us, a desire to create something meaningful for investors and companies, alike. The NEO Commissioning Program was launched in 2020 in collaboration with OCAD University, to commemorate new listings on the NEO Exchange in a unique and personal way. Through the Program, NEO has selected and retained five emerging artists from OCAD U, each representing a different artistic practice, providing a diversity of artistic voices and approaches to be showcased. The Program is our way of supporting a vibrant and talented arts community while celebrating momentous occasions with our new issuers. By delving into the values, vision, culture, personality, and philosophy of each organization, our commissioned artists incorporate these inspirations into the one-of-a-kind artworks they create, which are then presented to our listing partners at the launch of their listing.

The five artists - either students or recent graduates from OCAD U - currently participating in NEO’s Commissioning Program are:

Prior to 2020, NEO worked with a talented emerging artist, Anand Jaggernauth, who developed vibrant abstract artwork on behalf of our clients.