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NEO is a dynamic FinTech company that provides next generation capital-raising and liquidity solutions, all designed around our core values of fairness, liquidity, efficiency, and unrivaled client service.

Raising Capital on NEO

When it comes to your unique capital raising needs, we take the time to help you explore your options and determine the optimal path, whether it be a public listing or private raise.

Public Listings

By listing on NEO, you can raise capital in the open markets either through an initial public offering (IPO), a reverse take-over (RTO), a special purpose acquisition corporation (SPAC), other forms of special purpose corporations, a qualifying transaction of a SPAC, or secondary offerings.

Private Placements

DealSquare, powered by NEO technology, provides access to a centralized, digital platform that simplifies the process of raising capital in the private markets. Any private or public company – large or small - can use the platform for private placement offerings, and all types of investors, accredited or not, can participate through DealSquare’s participating dealers.

Raising Assets on NEO

We work closely with Asset Managers through each step of the process to raise assets in the most efficient way possible.

Exchange Traded Investment Vehicles

Whether Exchange Traded Funds, Closed End Funds, Exchange Traded Notes, or other forms of investment vehicles, NEO has solutions to enable their successful public listing.

Canadian Depositary ReceiptsTM

Depositary receipts are a time-tested way for investors to access shares of foreign listed companies. Canadian Depositary ReceiptsTM (CDRs) are designed to make it easier for Canadians to access the most popular publicly listed US companies, in Canadian Dollars, and with a built-in currency hedge.

Platform Traded Funds

By using NEO technology, in combination with DealSquare where applicable, to distribute mutual funds and private OM funds as Platform Traded Funds (PTFs), you can reduce your costs and broaden your distribution to reach dealers, advisors, and their investors.



Trading on NEO

NEO has three distinct trading venues, each aimed at optimizing quality of execution for the long term investor. Our venues offer reliable liquidity, reduced order fragmentation, larger fill sizes, and faster times to trade.

Investing on NEO

Our innovative and disruptive solutions aimed at making the markets better are designed to enable a better investment experience for everyone involved. Our markets provide you with access to a large pool of investment opportunities which can be accessed and transacted with efficiency and transparency.

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